Group Classes
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Learn music the fun and social way!


Fun Group Classes!

Your child will build teamwork skills and make new friends, all while learning
a new instrument. 

Group Classes are designed to introduce kids to the world of music & help them grow.

Our curriculum allows each individual student to progress at their own
pace, while still having the advantages of being in a social setting.

No prior experience is needed!

What instruments do we teach?

We use the Presto Method, a revolutionary way of learning music, which focuses on motivation, achievement, and fast results!


No need to fret! With group guitar classes, your child will learn chords,
theory, and technique with an emphasis on popular styles of guitar playing. 

Guitars will NOT be provided during class.
Students must bring their own. Rentals are available.


No need for boring piano lessons of years past! 

With group piano lessons, your child will learn scales, chords, theory, note-reading,
sight-reading, and technique applied to popular songs to
make learning fun!


Uke can do it! Playing ukulele is easy and fun, but group classes will make
learning to play even easier! 

Students will learn how to hold their ukulele, chord fingerings and changes,
strumming patterns, and tuning. 

Ukuleles will NOT be provided during class.
Students must bring their own. Rentals are available.


Anyone can sing, but singing properly is a different story. 

That’s why our group voice classes focus on breath control, tone production,
enunciation, posture, vocal placement, vocal range, ear training, vibrato, and warmups. 

We apply classical techniques to popular songs students will enjoy learning.


Class Schedule


6:00-6:45pm - Voice 7-11


5:00-5:45pm - Guitar 7-11
6:00-6:45pm - Piano 7-11
7:00-7:45pm - Ukulele 12+

5:00-5:45pm - Piano 7-11
6:00-6:45pm - Ukulele 7-11
7:00-7:45pm - Guitar 12+

5:00-5:45pm - Ukulele 7-11
6:00-6:45pm - Guitar 7-11
7:00-7:45pm - Piano 12+

These classes are held at our recording studio:

1456 N Magnolia Ave Ste. I


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