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Staump Recording Studio

Staump Productions specializes working with independent artists, bands, music students and music enthusiasts.

Staump Music Schools Summer Songwriting Camp: $525 

This is your chance to write, record, perform and sell your own song! During a week of intense creativity, students will write an original song. They will experience the recording process and working with a music producer. All songs will be recorded and performed by the student and our live band of Staump Production musicians. Each student will be given a block of recording time for their song. Students will rehearse their original music with the band in preparation for a live performance at the yearly Staump Summer Jam in addition to their recording. Students will be given an online worldwide distribution deal, Through this deal, their music will be made available to over 100 different countries and placed in over 700 online music stores including iTunes, Napster, and Spotify.

Student Original Music