Concert Performance Fee

Concert Performance Fee


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Music is intellectual property and is protected under copyright laws. Staump Music School pays performing rights organizations for the right to perform songs. In order to cover these royalty costs, we charge a performance fee of $ 30 per family participating in our Fall and Spring concert productions. There is a $ 1.50 charge for online payments for the performance fee. You may pay cash or check in person for no additional fees.

Our students who write and perform their own original music receive payment from the P.R.O. they belong to. A Performing Rights Organization (or P.R.O.) helps songwriters and publishers get paid for the usage of their music by collecting one of the most important forms of publishing revenue: performance royalties. As a songwriter, composer, or lyricist, you’re owed what is called a “performance royalty” any time your music is played on radio stations (terrestrial, satellite, and internet), used on TV shows or commercials, or performed in live venues.

Those performance royalties are paid by radio stations, venues, and TV networks to Performing Rights Organizations like ASCAP, and BMI, who then distribute the money to their affiliated songwriters and publishers.

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